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flying bees and sunflower 2015


We can’t believe we’ve arrived at the end of our second growing season, how quickly this year passed. In a week or so the entire farm will be plowed and seeded with a comfy cover crop to rest and recondition until it’s time to plant again. Watching the changes throughout the year through my window makes my heart sing with gratitude and I’d like to thank the many people from our Community that shared the Farm experience with us this year. We had an unusually slow start to our planting season in 2015 due to brutal freezes that continued into late February. Fortunately, our Farmer Thomas had acquired an additional location in the Happy Valley area that provided the right climate to sow the seeds and prepare for the busy spring planting. Without our anticipated landscape of a Farm in Production we had to delay activities at Bee Fruitful Farms. Finally by May we were planted, growing, and ready to share. Our first guests were the three kindergarten classes from Vine Hill Elementary School. That was 77 little sprouts running free, climbing boulders, and feeling the enchanted space of this farm. The field trip included a tour of the farm while tasting produce growing in the field. They learned that there are heroes and villains in all environments (in the plant world that would be insects & pests). We coordinated with Mrs. Sanguinetti ahead of time to have the classes bring decorated flower pots so everyone could get their hands in soil and leave with a plant that was both beautiful & edible (a sunflower), just in time for Mother’s Day. We topped off their visit with tastings of natural strawberry soda and carrots fresh from the earth. Below are photos from our joyful days with Vine Hill Elementary School.



Bee Fruitful Farms would like to thank Michele Sanguinetti, Laurie Ponos, and Liz Rose for being outstanding kindergarten teachers; and recognize them for planting seeds of compassion, caring, and environmental awareness in each of their little sprouts.


Two months Later…….We received this picture from Benjamin from Miss Rose’s Kindergarten class!!

vine hill kinder veggies 2015                                                                (Benjamin’s vegetables)


Four months later………..Mrs. Sanguinetti brings her harvest from Bee Fruitful Farms field trip to a new class of inspired little sprouts.

vine hill sunflower2015


She wrote:

I shared my sunflower with kids today. Your seeds are awesome.





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Bee Fruitful Farms is owned and operated by the Draper Family. Sue Draper, children: Kelsey and Matt. Mandy Draper (Matt's wife) their two children: Danica (4) and Caroline (2) Kelsey Draper-Phillips & husband, Jeremy Phillips & their two children: Kadelynn (10) and Jamison (8) **To find out more about these great folks and their beautiful story please read the Sept 12th, 2014 blog post titled "Meet the family behind Bee Fruitful Farms"
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