An Unusual Arrangement


On the surface, you might see us as an unlikely partnership. I’m in my sixties, he’s in his twenties. My background is real estate sales; he’s a graduate from San Jose State with a degree in electrical engineering. But those are our obvious differences. Why I invited Thomas to build his farm on my land is more about what we share in common.

We share a passion for the earth and her ability to feed us. We value our natural resources and encourage education to help protect them. And we are passionate about everyone having access to safe, natural wholesome food. Our union was simply meant to be; Thomas (Stone Meal Farm) brings integrity to farming practices and we (Bee Fruitful Farms) offer inspiration and education to a healthier lifestyle.

Come meet the people at the heart of this most unusual arrangement.

Sue Draper

About beefruitfulfarms

Bee Fruitful Farms is owned and operated by the Draper Family. Sue Draper, children: Kelsey and Matt. Mandy Draper (Matt's wife) their two children: Danica (4) and Caroline (2) Kelsey Draper-Phillips & husband, Jeremy Phillips & their two children: Kadelynn (10) and Jamison (8) **To find out more about these great folks and their beautiful story please read the Sept 12th, 2014 blog post titled "Meet the family behind Bee Fruitful Farms"
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2 Responses to An Unusual Arrangement

  1. LOVE this union and philosophy! Hooray to you both and all for bringing it to fruition (get it?!)!

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  2. Oh we get it …. and we love it! Thanks for reading!!


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