Pop Up Breakfast at the Scotts Valley Farmers’ Market


The Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Market hosts improvised “Pop-Up Breakfasts” at the Westside and Scotts Valley Farmers’ Markets. At the event, an outdoor kitchen is set up, tables and chairs are trucked in, and a restaurant literally “pops up” out of nowhere. Local chefs serve multi-course meals made from seasonal ingredients sourced from the very farms that sell at the market. The goal of the Pop-Up Breakfast series to to connect chefs with local farmers, and patrons with their local foodshed.

If you haven’t heard about these special events, you should click on this link and learn all about them.                                                                                                                                   Santa Cruz Farmer’s Market/ Pop Up Breakfast


The Bee Fruitful Farms’ team attended a “Pop Up Breakfast” at the Scotts Valley Farmers’ Market on August 23rd. As we entered the beautifully set up dining area, live music by Paul Rangell and Emily Abbink of the Seabright Serenaders played and we could already smell the delicious aroma of the dishes being prepared by Chef Heidi Schletch of Feel Good Foods and Plumline Farm .

popup8                                    Matt & Mandy Draper of Bee Fruitful Farms

From the hand made napkins, to the fun conversation starter cards that were paced at each table setting… we knew this was going to be a fun filled morning.


popupmanda                                    Alicia, Mandy & new Baby Caroline

The Menu…

GARDEN VARIETY SHEEP’S MILK YOGURT AND BERRY CUP                                    Blended and garnished with mint

PLUMLINE JAM ON COMPANION BREAD                                                                          Served with organic butter and Massa Organics raw almond butter

ASIAN STYLE RICE BOWL                                                                                                     Massa Organic rice topped with fried farm egg, Korean-style short ribs, and Plumline kimchi

SEASONAL GREENS                                                                                                                    Salted and tossed in organic olive oil

SWEET FINISH                                                                                                                             apple fruit crisp with whole cream

TASTY BEVERAGES COURTESY OF                                                                                      Hidden Fortress Micro Farm & Equinox Champagne and Wine


popup1                                     The food & drinks were incredible!     


Lucky for us…. our farmer, Thomas of Stone Meal Farm was one of the special guest speakers. If you would like to listen to Thomas giving his speech on his “natural process farming methods”,  please click on the link below and click the orange download button.

Pop Up Breakfast Speech




Matt, Mandy & baby Caroline enjoying Thomas’s speech

We were given some informative reading material. All of the proceeds from the pop-up breakfasts go to support public education efforts including “the Food Shed Project”. . . check out the link to learn more.

SC Farmers’s Market/ Foodshed Project


The Pop Up events are a great way for members of the community to get to know one another. We had some great conversations with very interesting people we would have otherwise never met.

The 2014 season ended on September 20th, but we hope you can also enjoy one of these special events when they return in 2015!

After having a great time and a lovely meal, we walked around the market. We had to stop by and see Thomas at Stone Meal Farm’s booth.





In Thomas’s Speech he talks about how close the farm was to the Farmers’ Market (only a mile away). Here is the view from the Sky Park bike trail. We took the short walk to snap this beautiful scene.


We hope to see you at our Farm Open House this month.

Contact us for all the details!


Bee Fruitful Farms   

About beefruitfulfarms

Bee Fruitful Farms is owned and operated by the Draper Family. Sue Draper, children: Kelsey and Matt. Mandy Draper (Matt's wife) their two children: Danica (4) and Caroline (2) Kelsey Draper-Phillips & husband, Jeremy Phillips & their two children: Kadelynn (10) and Jamison (8) **To find out more about these great folks and their beautiful story please read the Sept 12th, 2014 blog post titled "Meet the family behind Bee Fruitful Farms" https://beefruitfulfarms.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/meet-the-family-behind-bee-fruitful-farms/
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